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Development on gnetmount has stopped since version 0.1.1. Newer versions of nautilus+gnome-vfs now have better SMB/CIFS fs support, and new userspace FS modules like FUSE are changing the landscape for network FS usage under GNU/linux. Gnetmount is still good for environments with old hardware in which it is useful to give users a lightweight, easy way to access networked and removable-media file systems. If you're using gnetmount and find any bugs or would like me to add some features, drop me an email. Otherwise I may or may not clean up the code a bit and release a final version.


Version 0.1.1 is online!


Gnetmount is a Gtk+ 2 program that can mount or un-mount network file systems, removable media, or any other type of file systems.

Gnetmount allows users to mount file systems that require authentication (username and password) by prompting users for authentication information if it is required for the file system that they are mounting, and then supplying the authentication credentials to the respective back-end command that it uses to mount the file system.

It aims to make it easy for users to mount smbfs and cifs shares, and automatically determines which executable backend mount command to use (smbmount, mount.cifs, mount, etc...) based on the respective fstab entry. Logo